Specialized Cabinet Additions & Accessories

Upgrade Your Cabinets in Style: Discover the Latest Must-Have Accessories for Your custom Cabinets.

At Heinz Custom Woodworking, you will get plenty of optional accessories that are not only beautiful but also functional and a convenient way to do everyday organization. Scroll down to check out some of our most requested accessories.   Click on the quick links below or scroll through some of the options we recommend considering.  

Charging Drawer

Need to charge your phone? Forget ugly cables. Why not have a charging drawer for your phones or tablets?  This can provide several benefits to you, including the convenience of having a dedicated charging station in a discreet and organized location. It can also help keep your devices secure and protected while they are charging, as well as help to reduce clutter and maintain a clean and uncluttered living or work space.  Check out our supplier Rev A Shelf for more information on their Charging Drawers. 

a charging drawer for all of your devices a perfect accessory by our partner Rev A Shelf

Larder Unit

A larder unit is a narrow storage cabinet, often called a pullout, that provides a practical and efficient way to store dry goods, canned foods, bottles, and other pantry items. It features several shelves, drawers, and compartments, and may have built-in organizational features such as pull-out baskets, spice racks, or wine racks. A larder unit can offer you several benefits, including maximizing your storage space and improving organization in the kitchen.

Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is extremely on-trend due to the sheer amount of small appliance we all have. It’s a cabinet designed to keep small kitchen appliances, such as blenders, toasters, or coffee makers, tucked away and out of sight when not in use. We typically install a roll-up or flip-up door that can be easily opened and closed to access the appliances, and is often located on a countertop or in a kitchen island.

This is an Appliance Garage we recently built for a client. Is this on your wish list? We can make it happen.  Contact us and we’ll tell you how. 

Sliding Susan

A sliding Susan, is often installed in a corner cabinet or pantry. It can consist of a rotating circular tray and/or pull out shelf that slides out of the cabinet for easy access. This accessory can provide improved accessibility and organization in your kitchen, by providing a convenient and efficient way to access items from a corner cabinet or pantry. A sliding Susan helps reduce the need to reach or stretch for items, making it easier and more comfortable to use the space.

This is a Sliding Susan we recently built for a client. It’s a great way to utilize that lost corner in your cabinetry. Interested? Contact us and we’ll tell you how we can achieve this in your kitchen.

Vanity Outlet Drawer

A Vanity Outlet Drawer (formerly known as a curling iron drawer) is a drawer that provides a convenient and organized way to store your electrical devices and grooming supplies in the bathroom. The drawer includes dividers and compartments for your curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers, electric razors, brushes etc. We ensure it will fit into your bathroom vanity drawers and is made of durable materials and in a range of finishes to match your custom cabinetry.
These and many other accessories are available to see in person and so we invite you to visit our beautiful showroom to get inspired. Ready to get started in selecting your accessories for your cabinetry?   Book an appointment to have a one-on-one consultation in our showroom.
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