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Get Inspired – Lift Up Doors

Lift up doors.  Say whaaaaat???   Sounds a little space-age doesn’t it?  Wait a minute, its something you may have seen before.    Ah yes, the doors of that futuristic looking car on the movie “Back to the Future”.    And while they’re not for everyone, it really depends on the look you are looking to achieve.    Sometimes, options like these (and others)  just make sense from a space or a functionality perspective.

<<< Pause for a moment and see how they work. Lift-up doors are provide convenience and add a modern look to your cabinets.


These and other unique ideas are available for you to experience in person right here in our showroom.  We’d love to spend some time with you showing you options and ideas for your home.  To give you the individual attention you deserve, please call to set up an appointment .    Ph:   519-669-9145

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